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Scope of Cookies Policy

«MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE» (the “Company” or M&S”)with registered
address at 33-35 Ermou Str. PC 105 63, Athens,
commits to the protection of your privacy while you navigate to
our websites
. In this context, under this Policy we wish to provide you with information
about the cookies we use, the information we collect with them and how the
Company uses them.

You can find out more about
the Company’s handling of your personal data and the protection of your privacy
in the Company’s Privacy Policy, which is available on our website. You may be
informed in more detail on the handling of your personal data and the
protection of your privacy through our
Privacy Policy, which is available in our

Notion of cookies

Like most websites, this
website collects cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the
computer or mobile device of the user visiting a website. They make it easier
for the website to remember information from each user’s visit in order to make
it more useful to the user on their next visit (such as language, font size and
other display preferences). Some cookies are necessary for functional
navigation on our website, while others are used to offer you targeted advertising
whether you are visiting our website or other websites.

What information is collected
with cookies

Some cookies collect
information about your navigation on the website and your preferences when you
visit this website via the same computer or mobile device. We do not use
cookies to collect or store information that directly identifies you such as
your first name, last name, address or other contact information. M&S may
use cookies through this website to track your browsing behavior on the website.

Cookies’ Types

There are two main cookies’

A.  Temporary cookies (session cookies), which are erased once the browsing
session is completed or/and after closing the browser.

NameProviderExpire DescriptionTracker Type NamePurpose Description
_lscache_varymarksandspencerschooluniform.gr2 daysHTTP CookieStores the role of a logged in
user. Usually whether a user or site administrator
CookieConsentmarksandspencerschooluniform.gr1 yearHTTP CookieStores the user’s cookie consent
state for the current domain
_gamarksandspencerschooluniform.gr2 yearsHTTP CookieRegisters a unique ID that is
used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.
_ga_#marksandspencerschooluniform.gr2 yearsHTTP CookieUsed by Google Analytics to
collect data on the number of times a user has visited the website as well as
dates for the first and most recent visit. 
tdwww.googletagmanager.comSessionPixel TrackerRegisters statistical data on
users’ behaviour on the website. Used for internal analytics by the website
ads/ga-audiencesgoogle.comSessionPixel TrackerUsed by Google AdWords to
re-engage visitors that are likely to convert to customers based on the
visitor’s online behaviour across websites.
EIhTVHBYGU-SMbNmarksandspencerschooluniform.gr1 dayHTTP Cookie
frKpuALyxmarksandspencerschooluniform.gr1 dayHTTP Cookie
NxEeCfW_MPirnykGmarksandspencerschooluniform.gr1 dayHTTP Cookie
techmarket_wc_recently_viewedmarksandspencerschooluniform.grSessionHTTP Cookie

B.   Persistent cookies, which remain to the browsing program for a determined period or until you erase them.

NameProviderExpire DescriptionTracker Type NamePurpose Description
wp-adminmarksandspencerschooluniform.grPersistentHTML Local Storage

M&S uses both session and persistent cookies in order to ensure the proper function of its websites.

Use of cookies

The cookies used in our
websites satisfy different purposes. When you visit our website we may use the
following cookies:

Strictly Essential
Such cookies are essential for
the proper functionality of the website, they allow you to navigate and use its
functionalities, as accessing safe locations. These cookies do not identify
you. These cookies are necessary for the website’s functionality and without
them the use of the website would be unavailable.

Functional Cookies: These cookies allow the website to remember choices
you make (such as your language) and provide enhanced features.
Through these cookies, information about users
can be collected such as the type of browser, the server, the language chosen
by the user, his preferences, his searches and the geographical location of the
user. The installation of these cookies is done only if you provide your

In case of hyperlinks (links) to other websites,
the website is not responsible for the terms of management and protection of
personal data that they follow.

Advertising Cookies
(third party)
Information deriving
through this cookies’ technology and similar technology is shared with third parties
in the framework of drafting targeted advertising messages that may be featured
to the user during his navigation to third party websites.  In addition, the relevant cookies’ technology
allows to measure the user’s activity to the website that directed the user to
our websites. The installation of
these cookies is done only if you provide your consent.

Analytics Cookies (Third party) and other technologies: These cookies collect details for the website’s
user and allow to improve its performance. These details help monitoring the
website’s performance, measuring the visitors, observing the means of accessing
the website etc. The installation of
these cookies is done only if you provide your consent.

How to handle cookies

If you wish to de-activate the
cookies, depending on their specific type, the website may not operate properly.
It is noted that it is not possible to disable the “necessary"
cookies, as they are necessary for the proper operation of the website. For all
other categories of cookies used by the website, you are free to choose whether
or not to use them when you first enter the site, while always retaining the
ability to modify your options for using cookies through the button option at
the footer of the main page.

You can also revoke your
consent to the use of cookies on your computer or other device by following the
procedure for deleting them from the memory of the browser you use.

You may always modify your choices
in the browsing program to receive notifications regarding the use of cookies or
reject the use of cookies. In that case, if you do not allow the use of cookies
for certain services, you may not have further access to those.

You may learn more
information regarding the browsing program through the following links.

For further information regarding
the type of cookies, you may visit our website::

of Personal Data

To learn more for the
processing of your personal data and for your rights, please visit the
of our company.

Updates to the Cookies Policy

Μ&S may modify this Cookies Policy from times to times
to ensure compliance with regulatory changes or to meet its operating needs and
its legal obligations. Updated versions of the present Policy will be uploaded
in this website of
Μ&S with date
indication so that the most recently updated version will be made available.

September 2023