Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 01 June 2017.


How can I order?

Shopping at is very easy and you can proceed with the below procedure:

  1. Choose your school.
  2. Select the gender (boy or girl).
  3. Select the age (nursery, reception, junior, senior, etc.).
  4. Choose the product category (Winter, Summer, P.E.).
  5. View the products you are interested in and click on the photograph to zoom in.
  6. See every detail, available sizes, composition, care constructions, reference code and price.
  7. Select an item of clothing and add it to your basket. You can then choose to continue shopping or to complete order.
  8. When you are ready to proceed with your order, you can do so by either registering or checking-out as a guest.
  9. Choose whether you would like to collect your order at one of our M&S stores or have it delivered through our home delivery service.
  10. Select a payment method upon the delivery: Card or Cash.
  11. Place your order.
  12. You will receive a confirmation email for your order.
    Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Care team and place your order by telephone.

What do i do if i receive a faulty item in my order?

We want to sort out any issues with faulty items straightaway.

As soon as you discover a fault, please contact our Customer Care team immediately with:

  • The order number
  • The faulty item’s name and number
  • A description of the fault

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and send you a replacement item as quickly as we can.

I'm missing an item from my order, what do I do?

If an item is missing, please contact our Customer Care team, providing:

  • Your order number
  • The total value of your order
  • Your payment details
  • The missing item’s name and number.

We will resolve the issue for you as quickly as we can.

Can I change my order?

We’re really quick at packing your order up which means that you can change your order only in case that the confirmation e-mail has not been sent to you after you have placed your order. After this time period, we cannot change your order.

Please note that if you proceed with any changes, the total value of your new order must be equal to the initial order’s one or higher.

In case of any other problem, please contact our Customer Care team immediately for further details.

Can I return my order?

Our goodwill returns policy gives you the ability to return or exchange a bought item, based on our return policy.


What delivery options can I choose?

We offer you two options to receive your order:

a) Delivery to a Pick-up Point, by selecting “Store Delivery” as “Shipping and Handling” option in checkout, and choose the most convenient M&S store.

b) Delivery to your home, by selecting “Home Delivery” as “Shipping and Handling” option in checkout, with the extra cost of €2.50.

What happens if I am away when the package arrives?

Someone needs to be in when your parcel is due to be delivered, as we may need a signature. In case you will not be able to receive your order at the arranged day and time, please inform as as soon as possible, in order to rearrange the delivery.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

We will contact you via e-mail to inform you in detail when you order will be delivered.

Is there any extra cost for the home delivery?

The extra cost for home delivery is 2.50€.


How can I pay?

Whether you decide to receive your order at home or to pick it up from the store of your choice, you can use any of the payment methods listed below to pay for your order:

  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • Credit card

We also take fraud very seriously, so all credit and debit card holders are subject to validation and authorization by both us and the card issuer.

Gift Cards are not considered as a valid payment method. Please click here for more details.

Is there an extra cost for the embroidery?

We ensure our customers that we offer the greatest quality at the lowest price and want to avoid charges for the extra services.

And that’s why we offer you all embroidery for free.

Why might my credit card be refused?

Your credit card may be refused for any of the following reasons:

  • The card may have expired. Please check that your card is still valid.
  • You may have reached your credit limit. Contact your bank to check that you have not exceeded the authorized purchase limit.

What is “Wishlist”?

You are able to “save” items for later in your “Wishlist” for 30 days, so if you’re browsing the website and aren’t ready to buy anything straight away, you can “save” the item ready for when you want to buy. After 30 days, the item will be removed from the list.

To view your “Wishlist”, just click “Wishlist” at the m-suniforms website.

The “Wishlist” button is on each product page underneath the “add to bag” button.

Do I have to create an account to shop at

It is not necessary to create an account and it is up to you if you would like to create one. M&S gives you the following options:

  • Create a personal account with your name and address and add your username and password. All your personal details will be saved for your next purchases.
  • Complete your orders as a visitor.

Where can i get a promo code to use on my order?

We understand that our customers like to get their hands on a great deal from time to time. We would suggest that you check out the website, where we often have really great promos running.

Are my personal details safe when ordering online with M&S?

Your personal details are safe. We use one of the most secure online ordering systems on the Greek market, and are constantly researching and improving our software to make sure we offer the highest possible security at all times.


Can you give me more information about your products?

We try to give you detailed and useful information about all our products, including:

  • A full description
  • Pictures
  • Composition
  • Care instructions

There is a “Description” box on each product page just below the pictures, where you can find details on the item you have chosen.

There’s also a link to our size guide on each product page next to the “select size” box, so you can find out the specific measurements for each size.

Where can i find your size guide and care instructions?

We never want to send you something that does not fit properly so we have size guides available on all product pages.

Just click on the “Size Guide” button on each product page or check out size guides for measurements, fitting tips, washing tips – everything to make sure it fits perfectly and stays looking great.



  • Always read the care label and washing instructions before washing your clothes.
  • Arrange your laundry into groups with similar wash care instructions and organize into white, dark and colors.
  • The care label washing temperature is the highest permitted temperature. But if you are unsure, always wash at a lower temperature rather than higher.
  • Rinse swimwear immediately after use and do not wring.
  • Turn garment inside out before washing.


  • Avoid using too much detergent.
  • Do not use fabric detergents which contain bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry garment unless indicated on the care label.
  • Do not iron prints, trims or embellishments.
  • Do not leave garments with white and contrast colored panels soaking for prolonged periods.
  • Garments with metal trims should not be left to soak.


What are ”cookies”

This particular section is not about a sub¬category of products, but contains some very important and useful content with information regarding how to securely navigate our website. We pay particular attention to the importance of respecting your personal data, while ensuring smooth navigation to our website. “Cookies” is information sent to a web browser by a website. The user’s hard disk saves this information in order to be able to recover it the next time the user.